Orca 405x315

The best solution for your needs

C4R have 13+ years experience in mechanical design for maritime use. We will help you in every fase of the process from designing to implementing in order to make the best possible solution for your specific needs.

Experience gathered last 13+ years.

  • Development of transducers for underwater applications.
  • Hydrodynamic design to minimize noise and cavitation.
  • Material knowledge and surface treatment.
  • Installations of sonar systems and other transducers/equipment in maritime environment.
  • Development of installation hardware for several types of underwater equipment.
  • Production methods from small brackets to 18 tones frames for low frequency sonar systems. Knowhow gathered in cooperation with production facilities.
  • Onsite supervision/installation of installations.
  • Experience form the oil and gas industry in design of frames and other related equipment.
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